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SH2-119 : Clamshel Nebula

  • 6 sessions
  • 242 images
  • 15.29 hours


Was meant to be part of a mosaic with the North America / Pelican nebulas but rotation got the better of me and decided to crop it in to just be theĀ 

Lost most of the Sii from one night, but Lightbucket can only delete a whole nina session not individual subs so this is approximately
~6hr Ha
~6hr Oiii
~3hr Sii

Narrowbanding on an OSC
Altair 26c
Altair 4nm Ha/Oiii and Sii/Oiii filters


Date Altair 4nm ha oiii Altair 4nm sii oiii Baader m & sg
2023-08-22 3.83
2023-09-04 3.67
2023-09-05 3.5 0.54
2023-09-09 3.75
Total 7.5 7.25 0.54